About Us

aboutusDeSilva Imports was started, by Steve Thompson and Louis Rodriguez, based on a love for all things handmade. Our mission is to bring Folk Art and fine Hand Crafted Jewelry, direct from the artisan to our customers’ doorsteps! You may have seen handmade treasures similar to ours on your travels to foreign lands, but not been able to fit anything else in your suitcase. Maybe you have been dreaming of that item ever since… Through the ease of our online purchase process, we hope that we can provide similar items, and bring back all those wonderful memories of your own travels! Filling your home and your wardrobe with all the warmth and love that our artists have poured into their creations!

DeSilva Imports values the artistry of handmade arts and crafts. In a world in which we have become very reliant on mass quantity, machine made items; it is refreshing to add the natural beauty of a unique and one of a kind work of art. What we have found in our visits with our artisans is that they truly pour their heart and soul into their creations! And we are always impressed by the fact that these traditions are often part of their local culture, and that the artists are passing these traditions down within their own families. At DeSilva Imports we want to do our part in keeping these truly lovely traditions alive. We encourage you to visit our Focus on the Artist page to learn more about each of the artisans that we work with. In supporting these artisans, we hope that you will also keep these art forms and traditions alive, and enjoy the beauty that only a fine hand made work of art can bring to your life!

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