2018 Summer And Fall Museum Show Season :

July 13th thru 15th finds us at the incredible Santa Fe International Folk Art Market in Santa Fe, New Mexico !! This is one fantastic event, and if you have never attended, you must be a part of it!! We will be there translating for our good friend and artist Yesenia Salgado Tellez, who will be travelling from Oaxaca to demonstrate her incredible talent with Sterling Silver Traditional Oaxacan Filigree Work! Just gorgeous jewelry that is fast becoming an endangered art form! Also attending the festival will be an artist that many of you are familiar with, Porfirio Gutierrez! Porfirio is an amazing weaver, recognized by the Smithsonian Museum for his efforts in preserving his Zapotec Indian traditions through naturally dyed, stunning weavings! Another of our favorites, Magdalena Pedro Martinez will be back again with her fabulous Oaxacan black pottery sculptures. These sculptures are truly meaningful, as they help preserve the traditional styles of indigenous dress throughout Mexico! Come join us for a weekend of fun! We are only translating at this event, so we are prepared for a lot of fun!!

October 13th and 14th  finds us returning to the fantastic Sedona Arts Festival .. the only outdoor festival that we work with !! Admission proceeds from this incredible event go to support local art programming and education scholarships for local students. We love supporting the arts, and this festival is a great place to do that! This year in the International Guest Booth, we will be featuring multiple local, national and international award winning Mata Ortiz Potters Laura Bugarini and Hector Gallegos Jr of Mata Ortiz, Mexico! These are some of the truly top tier powerhouse artists coming out of Mata Ortiz!! In the booth we will have a large selection of pottery that we will be offering for sale, representing a wide variety of artists and styles of Mata Ortiz Pottery, as well as a smaller selection of Oaxacan Wood Carvings!! Please join us at this important event and help Support The Arts!!

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