Oaxacan Wood Carving Julia Fuentes Brown Toro Bull Buffalo Bison

A great example of the work of the very talented Julia Fuentes and her husband Jose Juan. Julia is part of the world renowned Fuentes Family, including Epifanio Fuentes, Zeny Fuentes and Efrain Fuentes. Julia Fuentes actually used to do the painting on her brother Zeny's pieces, until branching out on her own just a few years ago. In my opinion, Julia has surpassed her brothers in her talent in the painting of these wood carvings. Julia actually studied at Bellas Artes... a famous art institution in Mexico! Wow! We were amazed at the beauty of her pieces when we first saw them, and are so excited to be able to share them with the world. They never disappoint, and always seem to increase in beauty and detail.

Mata Ortiz Pottery Cesar D. Nunez Gloria Reyes Black With Large Pot

There is a great modern appeal in this fantastic pot by Cesar Dominguez Nunez and Gloria Reyes. A great representative of the black with multi color paint applied with hair brushes crafted from long strands of human hair. Such detail! Wow! The work of Cesar and Gloria is one of our favorites in this style due to the beautiful level of precision and detail in their work.

Oaxacan Wood Carving Damian Morales Owl

Masterfully carved by Damian and intricately painted by his wife Beatriz, this is one special carving! Damian began carving animals out of copal at the young age of 11 years old, but was selling these carvings as unpainted figures to other members of his community. His work dramatically changed after meeting, and subsequently marrying, Beatriz Ramirez at the age of 19. Beatriz hails from a wood carving family, and had already honed her skills as a talented painter by working with her brothers. Her paint style is intricate and precise, with a lovely sense of the shading of colors. Together Damian and Beatriz make a powerful force in the world of Oaxacan wood carvings!

Mata Ortiz Pottery Lila Silveira White Clay Cutouts Pot

Lila Silveira is one of the finest potters in the village of Mata Ortiz. She was also one of the few lucky ones to have been selected to study under Juan Quezada for two years. As a result of the bond that developed, Juan still shares his clays and even his very special gold paint with Lila. Lila is outstanding in her own right... she makes very thin walled and extremely smooth pottery ollas. Her painting is done in traditional patterns, with precision and attention to detail, while still using the paint brushes that she crafts out of long strands of human hair.

Francisco Garcia Vasquez Clay Iluminaria Woman With Candle

Truly special! This is fourth generation Aguilar Family work! the artist is Francisco "Fran" Garcia Vasquez. the son of Demetrio Garcia Aguilar. Demetrio is the son of Josefina Aguilar. It is really exciting to see how these traditions are passed down within the family, and we love being a part of it even in just a small way. Francisco has won awards for his work, including being an award recipient from the Friends of Oaxacan Folk Art juried award show, which recognizes and promotes the work of artists under the age of thirty.

Sedona Arts Festival 2015

Sedona Arts Festival 2015


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